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Altered state

Empirical process


Semiotic practice

Remodelling of time

To change our course for the future - and our reflexes in a present moment - by re classifying the past. Placing old objects in new contexts.

Unarchival is a project by RDYSTDY, starting with the archives of Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand.

By unarchiving these objects, we bring them into a space where their meaning is still in-the-making. This is a space that welcomes error, risk and imagination. It's a space of new categories and experimentation.

This site is an ongoing working document, sharing our development process as we address the problems above and generate new data for each object.

It is what we will use to refer to when creating a more dimensional IRL outcome. It is a linear record, a timeline, older stuff will get buried by new stuff, keeping all edits, none omitted.

image (25).png

How to make our own ecologies visible

by making visible the ways we make meaning

of an object that may or may not be culturally

and historically significant to us?

subconcious bias
image (26).png

The real thing, no longer alive, looks quite unlike the real live thing.

Cherry jam pie, preserved